Resignation in the Civil Service

resignation in the civil service

In the past, nothing much is written about resignation in the civil service or in the government sector. Essentially, what was known is that an employee simply has to file a resignation letter and accomplish his/her clearance. However, with the promulgation of the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other

Rules on Designation in the Civil Service

Designation is one of the HR actions heavily relied upon by government agencies to keep its activities in order especially if there is serious lack of personnel. In the Philippine civil service, designation as an HR action is defined as "the imposition of additional and/or higher duties to be performed by

Relevant Bachelor’s Degree; Meaning

Question: How do I know if I have the “relevant bachelor’s degree” required for the position I am applying for? Part II, Item 3 of CSC Resolution No. 030962 (Revised Policies on Qualification Standards) as circularized in CSC MC No. 12, s. 2003 clarifies this and gives some illustration –  To meet

Government Employment for Compulsory Retirees

Question:  Can a person who has already reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 still be employed in the government? Answer: Yes, but only in coterminous or primarily confidential positions. CSC Memorandum Circular No. 27, s. 2001 (Amendments to Section 12, Rule XIII of CSC MC No. 15, s. 1999 issued on 08 October

LLB or MD as Master’s Degree

Question: Is an LLB/MD degree considered as equivalent to Master's Degree? Answer: Yes. For purposes of appointment to positions which require a Master's Degree, an LLB or MD degree holder is considered to have met the education requirement as long as the position does not require  the appointee to be a licensed professional. Completion of the degrees of

Reassignment and Constructive Dismissal in the Civil Service

Giving employees work rotations or reassignments from time-to-time is healthy and in fact encouraged by most management gurus to promote employee satisfaction and development. But when will reassignment and constructive dismissal mean the same thing in the government? In the Philippine civil service (career or non-career), reassignment of employees appointed to first

Three-Salary Grade Limitation

The three-salary grade limitation provided under Item 15 of CSC MC No. 3, s. 2001 or the Revised Policies on Merit Promotion Plan instructs that no government employee may be promoted or transferred to a position which is more than 3-salary grades from his original position. To be specific, such item reads as

Accreditation of Service Rendered Under Defective Appointments

It is a settled rule in the Civil Service that no person can assume any appointive position in the government without an appointment issued by the proper authority. When a person does otherwise, the services he/she rendered will not be recognized as government service. The same goes for services that are rendered

Reverting to Your Maiden Name

In a couple of days, my best  friend will be getting married. Judging from her recent Facebook posts, she is *thrilled* at the thought of transitioning from a Miss to her fiance's Mrs.  Well, I guess all other girls who'd soon be saying their "I DO's" have, at one point, practiced signing their future married