Have I Been Formally Charged?

Question : For purposes of filling-in a Personal Data Sheet, when will a civil servant be considered "formally charged" as to have a "pending case"? Answer: This question was squarely answered by the Supreme Court in the case of Crisostomo M. Plopinio vs. Atty. Liza Zabala-Cariño (A.M. No. P-08-2458, March 22, 2010) where

Cheating Has No Place in the Career Service

One of the big hazards that exam takers face all over the world is the temptation to seek instant gratification through cheating. I was reminded of this when I came across a news clip about the sophisticated cheating in China’s October 2014 national licensing examination for pharmacists. I call it sophisticated

Cheating Spouses Employed in the Government

Infidelity sells in media. One website was able to note that eight movies and TV shows in the Philippines from 2011 to present focused primarily on this topic. The list included Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real (GMA-2014), A Beautiful Affair (ABS-CBN - 2012), The Mistress (Star Cinema - 2012), My Neighbor's Wife (Regal Films - 2011),

Understanding Service Related Misconduct

The Christmas season is here. Malls now play Christmas songs, the air is much colder and the man who’s been selling Christmas lanterns near our place for the past years is back. It is here and by mid-December, I’m sure our schedules will be packed for office and institution parties. This

Habitual Absenteeism, Tardiness, and Undertime

Regularity in attendance is very important in the government. Yet, problems in ATU (absenteeism tardiness undertime) plague offices all the time. Government employees are required to render 40 hours of service every week, or 8 hours daily from Mondays through Fridays. Heads of agencies are mandated to ensure a system that