Resignation in the Civil Service

resignation in the civil service

In the past, nothing much is written about resignation in the civil service or in the government sector. Essentially, what was known is that an employee simply has to file a resignation letter and accomplish his/her clearance. However, with the promulgation of the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other

Rules on Designation in the Civil Service

Designation is one of the HR actions heavily relied upon by government agencies to keep its activities in order especially if there is serious lack of personnel. In the Philippine civil service, designation as an HR action is defined as "the imposition of additional and/or higher duties to be performed by

Understanding Overtime Pay for Government Employees

I must have been so busy trying new recipes in November 2015 that I missed out on the new policy issued by the CSC and DBM on overtime services and overtime pay for government employees (CSC-DBM Joint Memorandum Circular No.2, s. 2015). Shameful but I have to admit, it was

Paternity Leave

"Oh the glory of having kids!" Yep, so we've heard. After 7 months of being married, we've grown familiar to the community of people either eager to have children or not have children, and those who are busy poking their noses into other people's reproductive life. Anyway, now that reproduction is often

Understanding Rehabilitation Leave


I'm writing about rehabilitation leave today because I remember one of my former students who went looking for me at my former office. At that time, I thought it was just another of those wanting to take a special exam or seek reconsideration of grades but I was surprised to

Understanding Study Leave


Why am I writing about study leave? A couple of weeks ago, I joined my husband in their consular mission in Istanbul. It was an eye-opening experience, not only to the successes and struggles of Filipino migrant workers but also to the dedication of our foreign service team here in Turkey. Seeing

What is Forced Leave?


The concept of forced or mandatory leave in the Philippine civil service began in 1986 when then President Ferdinand E. Marcos issued Executive Order No. 1077 revising the computation of creditable vacation and sick leaves of government officers and employees. It is called forced because Section 2 of the EO requires

The Ordeal of Job Orders in the Government

Recently, I came across this blog of young journalists who write so beautifully about various topics. As I continued reading one post after another, I was particularly caught by the essays they wrote about their employment suit against GMA Network, Inc. Four of them joined a team of 110 brave journalists who

Entitlement to Leave Credits by Government Employees on Probation Period

Question: Are newly appointed government employees already entitled to leave benefits during their probationary period? Answer: Yes. All government employees, except those covered by special laws (e.g. justices, judges, those in the foreign service), are entitled to leave benefits immediately upon assumption to office because the Omnibus Rules on Leave do not make any