Women Judging Women

Let me tell you about two women. The first I met at a seminar. She was confident, fluent, and exuded this really powerful vibe that was very intimidating. When we were asked to introduce ourselves in little groups, she described herself as an all-out career woman. Her exact statement was -

10 Sure-Fire Ways to be a Better Leader

In most organizational settings, the people calling the shots are often identified as the "leaders", while all others obediently follow. This traditional set-up makes it a lot easier to keep an organization running. The simplicity is much like how a shepherd is to his herd - making sure that each sheep walks only

4 Ethical Principles Every Lawyer Should Remember

Law students and lawyers alike will admit that little attention is placed on legal ethics as a course subject. If not for its 5% weight allocation in the Philippine Bar Exam, an average law student will most likely skip a legal ethics class in exchange for more library time reading

5 Reasons Why Employees Disengage

These past days, our office managers have given emphasis on the importance of employee engagement and investing in people to ensure company (or agency) success. Given my inclination to ideas which promote balance between employer-employee welfare, I've decided to make it my first blog topic this year and luckily, I came across this online material

Speak with Confidence!

Because I happen to have a job that requires me to deliver talks to government employees, one of the first books I had to buy were about public speaking tips. After patiently browsing through the disarray of self-help books in a local bookstore, I finally found the perfect book.  144

Dealing with a Difficult Boss

When people learn that I'm a lawyer working in the CSC, it's almost always by impulse that they tell me all sorts of work-related problems. Just a week ago, I was talking to a woman in her mid-30's, let's call her Kay for anonymity, who amused me with her stories about her

Tips for New Filipino Lawyers

Right after earning my university degree, I enrolled in law school. Luckily, I became a lawyer at 25 years old. I was ready to conquer the legal profession and venture into litigation! Well, that’s what I thought until I had my first real ‘exposure’. That period of my professional life was