Women Judging Women

Let me tell you about two women. The first I met at a seminar. She was confident, fluent, and exuded this really powerful vibe that was very intimidating. When we were asked to introduce ourselves in little groups, she described herself as an all-out career woman. Her exact statement was -

10 Sure-Fire Ways to be a Better Leader

In most organizational settings, the people calling the shots are often identified as the "leaders", while all others obediently follow. This traditional set-up makes it a lot easier to keep an organization running. The simplicity is much like how a shepherd is to his herd - making sure that each sheep walks only

4 Ethical Principles Every Lawyer Should Remember

Law students and lawyers alike will admit that little attention is placed on legal ethics as a course subject. If not for its 5% weight allocation in the Philippine Bar Exam, an average law student will most likely skip a legal ethics class in exchange for more library time reading

Speak with Confidence!

Because I happen to have a job that requires me to deliver talks to government employees, one of the first books I had to buy were about public speaking tips. After patiently browsing through the disarray of self-help books in a local bookstore, I finally found the perfect book.  144

Dealing with a Difficult Boss

When people learn that I'm a lawyer working in the CSC, it's almost always by impulse that they tell me all sorts of work-related problems. Just a week ago, I was talking to a woman in her mid-30's, let's call her Kay for anonymity, who amused me with her stories about her