Understanding Compensatory Overtime Credits

In the seminar I attended earlier today about leave administration, some of the participants particularly wanted to know the difference between Compensatory Overtime Credits (COC) and Compensatory Time Off (CTO). As the topic is still to be covered by succeeding speakers, I opted not to explain the little that what

2012 SC Decisions Involving Civil Service Rules

CSC vs. Court of Appeals, et al (G.R. No. 176162) and Atty. Cueva vs. Court of Appeals (G.R. No. 178845) En Banc, October 9, 2012 > CSC has jurisdiction over cases filed directly with it, regardless of who initiated the complaint. Correspondingly, CSC has jurisdiction over administrative cases filed directly with

2014 SC Decisions Involving Civil Service Rules

Civil Service Commission vs. Maricelle M. Cortes (G.R. No. 200103, April 23, 2014) FACTS: The Commission en banc of the Commission of Human Rights approved the appointment of Maricelle M. Cortes as Information Officer V. Eligio P. Mallari - Maricelle's father, was a CHR Commissioner but he abstained from voting and instead requested CHR to

2013 SC Decisions Involving Civil Service Rules

CSC vs. Arlic Almojuela, G.R. No. 194368, April 2, 2013 (En Banc) > The CSC has standing as real party-in-interest and can appeal CA’s decisions modifying or reversing them, when it would have an adverse impact on the integrity of the civil service. This is the Dacoycoy Doctrine (G.R. No. 135805,

My Bar Review Experience

The 2014 Philippine Bar Examinations recently gave birth to 1,126 new lawyers who are expected to be euphoric for a year, at the very least. Ask any one of them to tell you about their bar review experience, all the sacrifices they had to go through, their study habits, or memory

4 Ethical Principles Every Lawyer Should Remember

Law students and lawyers alike will admit that little attention is placed on legal ethics as a course subject. If not for its 5% weight allocation in the Philippine Bar Exam, an average law student will most likely skip a legal ethics class in exchange for more library time reading