Understanding Study Leave


A couple of weeks ago, I joined my husband in their consular mission in Istanbul. It was an eye-opening experience, not only to the successes and struggles of Filipino migrant workers but also to the dedication of our foreign service team here in Turkey. Seeing them of service to Filipinos here

Can’t Travel? Don’t Blame Yourself

I've always wanted to travel. When I was a kid, I dreamt of going to countries I saw in the movies where trees and flowers were plentiful, roads were wide, skies were bluer, and snowflakes fell during Christmas. I wanted to see Eiffel Tower, Lady Liberty, and the many cows

NCC Articles 19,20,21: Hope for Abused Job Orders?

Job orders. They were my topic in a previous post entitled - The Ordeal of Job Orders in the Government. For some reason, I am drawn to the job orders' predicament - working hard because they need to be earn, but never truly rewarded in ways they should be. Now this decision I came across

Konya: Home of Rumi & The Whirling Dervishes

Seventeen days. That's how long it took to get myself writing about our 2-day trip to Konya, Turkey. I almost did not want to because...well, I still suck at travel blogging. I get so caught up with being a tourist that I forget to write down important information or take

What is Forced Leave?


The concept of forced or mandatory leave in the Philippine civil service began in 1986 when then President Ferdinand E. Marcos issued Executive Order No. 1077 revising the computation of creditable vacation and sick leaves of government officers and employees. It is called forced because Section 2 of the EO requires

Career On Hold


"Are you sure you're leaving?" People have asked me that question many times after I declared my decision to move to Ankara, Turkey with my husband. And I hated it. I hated it because every time they asked, I had to ask myself too. You see, life was going well for me back

Administrative Rules Must Be Read in Harmony

To remind ourselves of the importance of harmonization in policy making, let us study this August 12, 2015 Supreme Court Decision in the consolidated cases of Winston F. Garcia et al. vs. Angelita Tolentino et. al & Melina I. Garcia et al. vs. Winston F. Garcia, et al. Facts: On May 30, 1997, Republic

Premature Marriage – Not Anymore

A number of provisions in the Philippine's Civil & Penal Codes discriminate against women. The reason, they say, is because most of these laws were drafted during an age when the country was very paternalistic and women lawmakers were almost unheard of. One of those provisions is Article 351 of the Penal Code on

Passive Recipients of Disallowed Benefits Not Required to Reimburse

Picture this. Government employer declares giving of bonus, employee rejoices, receives the money and spends it all. A year later, government employer asks the employee to give all the money back because the Commission on Audit disapproved the disbursement. Seen it? The recent case of Faustino A. Silang, et al

How Filipinos Can Get Married Abroad

Now that more and more unmarried Filipino couples go together abroad to find greener pastures, the option to get married in their new country sounds more practical than going back home. Sure, it will be more memorable to have the entire clan witness the ceremony, but it also spells more