Resignation in the Civil Service

resignation in the civil service

In the past, nothing much is written about resignation in the civil service or in the government sector. Essentially, what was known is that an employee simply has to file a resignation letter and accomplish his/her clearance. However, with the promulgation of the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other

Rules on Designation in the Civil Service

Designation is one of the HR actions heavily relied upon by government agencies to keep its activities in order especially if there is serious lack of personnel. In the Philippine civil service, designation as an HR action is defined as "the imposition of additional and/or higher duties to be performed by

The Happy Backpack Movement

Happy Backpack Movement. "Pretty cool name for a project." That's what I thought so when I learned about this project started by my high school batchmate, Romella. As I've said before in my post about the Pag-Asa ARKA Foundation, when you're raised and schooled a Catholic, it's almost always easy to

Our Kerygma Conference 2017 Experience

I am so excited to share to you our Kerygma Conference (Committed) 2017 experience! What led me to the Kerygma Conference Every year, between my husband and me, I get the benefit (yey!) of choosing and planning for our annual R&R. As I was looking for ideas in January, I came across

Give Love – World Vision Philippines

I am a proud World Vision Philippines Sponsor. Let me share why. When I started watching videos of Brother Bo Sanchez, I learned about tithing. It is a practice of giving back at least 10% of whatever you earn back to God from whom all blessings come from. It can be

Time for Change!

Hello everyone! I know. I know. I've been sleeping on this blog for several months now. To be honest, I completely forgot that I had an obligation to my (limited) readers. I got too busy with my day job. There's too much writing-related stuff going on at work. I go home

Understanding Overtime Pay for Government Employees

I must have been so busy trying new recipes in November 2015 that I missed out on the new policy issued by the CSC and DBM on overtime services and overtime pay for government employees (CSC-DBM Joint Memorandum Circular No.2, s. 2015). Shameful but I have to admit, it was

HAMMAM: Bathing the Turkish Way

They say that apart from it's food and scenic places, another way of best experiencing Turkey is by getting the traditional Turkish bath or the so-called hammam.  I've heard friends here talk about it and the way hammam's done - the real, traditional, authentic way - is too much for my conservative Filipina side.

Conduct Prejudicial to the Service

When a final decision says it's a private monetary obligation, never pay out of public funds. Some learn this the hard way. Take a look at this November 10, 2015 Supreme Court decision in the consolidated cases of Office of the Ombudsman v. Roger F. Borja; Lorna S. Prudente and Damaso