Hello! My name is Gelene . In May 2013, I started working as a lawyer for one CSC Regional Office. There I fell in love with administrative law and learned so many things about government service, which I never would have learned in law school or even online. I had the opportunity to write opinions for querying government employees, draft decisions and resolutions on administrative cases, and be a resource speaker for civil service laws and rules.

In August 2014, I started this blog. I wanted ordinary government employees all over the Philippines to have answers to their (oftentimes) simple questions about government service. My first readers were family, friends, and office mates whom I requested to give feedback. Slowly readership grew and I was psyched when I began receiving e-mails from readers thanking me for coming up with the blog. The kind words were more than enough to keep me writing despite the bulk of office work I also had to do.

For those of you who’ve just started following this blog, I moved to Turkey with my husband mid of 2015 and had to put my career on hold. Seven months and bouts of depression later, I decided to move back to the Philippines while my husband waited two more months. Now I’m a civil servant again, hopefully with more to share in this blog. Once in a while, I will also feature topics about life, travel, career, and finance.

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Attorney Gelene good day!

    Just stumbled to your blog today and I find it interesting and engaging…I like empowered women…Your blog is really helpful specially to me for I am one of those employees in Government Service…Thank you so much for coming up with this one and sharing your talent, ideas and knowledge to us who needed them….it’s a noble thing to do-thinking of others other than yourself. God bless you more for that…I will be following your blog from now on….

    And congratz on the new chapter of your life…God Bless!

    Tata T.

  2. Hello!

    May I use some of your materials for my lectures? I’m a fellow lawyer civil servant like you who, unfortunately, doesn’t have the time to make all necessary research. I was often requested to lecture on topics which I am not really familiar with. Stumbling upon your posts/blog made it all easy. Don’t worry, I will always acknowledge you in all my lectures and seminars for your materials. I hope that this request be granted. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

    1. Hello Atty. Gelene!

      Thank you for your informative blog. I have learned so much from you. From now on i will follow you to learn new things especially I am working as an Administrative Services Officer of government-owned and controlled corporation.

  3. Hello Atty.! I just want to ask if I can file study leave for the purposes of IELTS Review. I am currently working in a LGU as a Nurse (Regular Casual).

    Thank You

  4. Hi Atty Gelene,
    I am an avid reader of your blog and I want to consult you about the filing of my promotion -protest here in my my office. I want to talk to you personally If you would allow me, cause as of now the lawyer that I consulted regarding my promotion-protest charged me exorbitantly, and I don’t know what to do after filing my protest. Can you please help me. You can email or pm me . Your immediate reply regarding this matter would be highly appreciated, thanks a lot Atty. By the way were both bicolana I am from Legazpi city working here in Quezon City.

  5. Hi Atty. Gelene. Thanks for this helpful blog. I’m a teacher in Cebu. I just want to ask what is the provision in CSC rules that allowed tardiness/half day absences to be deducted to our service credits? Tnx and God bless!

  6. Hi Atty… Please help me.
    My problem currently is I am about to finish my MA in Psychology. My problem was that this semester, I have to leave my government post as an employee 4:00 pm to attend to my subject in FEU. Please cite justification so that my employer will not sack me due to my undertime which incurred 3 times a week, this sem. only. Thank you po.

  7. Can ask something for you I just ask couples things.. because I’m leaving in Finland now last year me and my husband get married we planned to go back in Philippines that consultant in Finland make lot of mistakes to register our marriage.its that possible I can still go Philippines without registering our marriage . Please answer me😊😊

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