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Our Kerygma Conference 2017 Experience

I am so excited to share to you our Kerygma Conference (Committed) 2017 experience!

What led me to the Kerygma Conference

Every year, between my husband and me, I get the benefit (yey!) of choosing and planning for our annual R&R. As I was looking for ideas in January, I came across one Facebook post of Bro. Bo Sanchez promoting the 2017 Kerygma Conference. After years of following Bro. Bo on social media, I knew what the conference was all about. I knew there would be a lot of great talks on various topics including leadership, business, family, and faith. I also knew there was going to be a Grand Feast where Catholics will gather to praise and worship God. I always wanted to attend one but never really got the chance to do so in the past. So I told myself, maybe 2017 is THE time to go. In short, I purchased our tickets in January for the event that was to happen in November 2017. Talk about preparation!

The Classes

By September 20, class registrations were officially open and we were able to select our classes through an online link sent to our e-mail addresses. There were so many interesting topics to choose from but we ended up with these:

  1. How to be a Transformational Leader (Obet Cabrillas)
  2. How to Live a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Life (Dean Pax Lapid)
  3. Social Media Marketing for Startup Businesses (Karen Pacia)
  4. Establishing Habits of Holiness (Chris Padgett)
  5. Seeworthy: Looking at Leadership in a New Perspective (Luigi Mapa)
  6. Making your Business Last (Edward Lee, the founder of COL Financial – such an inspiration!)
  7. Leading Millennial Leaders (Carl Fontanilla)
  8. The Healing Powers of your Body (Dr. Romy Paredes – incredibly funny guy!!)
  9. God’s Blueprint for Married Couples (Christopher & Sandy De Leon – but Sandy didn’t show up, there was no explanation why)

The class registration link did not indicate the speakers for each topic yet so our biases towards a particular speaker did not affect our decision making then. It was only sometime in October that the organizers revealed who were going to speak about what. No regrets though, we loved the speakers in the classes we chose except for two (whose names I won’t mention even with much prodding, sorry!). One was more concerned about selling his book than touching our lives and the other was so self-absorbed he forgot to touch on his assigned topic. Apart from them, all other speakers were amazing, well-versed of their topics and were very engaging in their 40-minute talks. I’d have to say that our favorites were Chris Padgett, Edward Lee, and Dr. Romy Paredes. If given a chance to listen to them again, I’d definitely do.

On the first day of the Conference, we were handed out our Conference Kits and IDs which we had to bring all throughout the event. The number of people was unbelievably huge! If not for the cheerful ushers, I would have gotten irritated at how crowded it got in some areas of the convention center. It was nice too that several participating companies were in the Expo Booth. We were given different freebies such as bottled water, chips, candies, medicine, bag tags, and pens. My husband even got to win a sturdy COL Financial umbrella!

The Daily Worships

There were daily morning and afternoon worship during the first three days of the conference. There was a band that sang beautiful worship songs for a good 20 or so minutes during the morning and afternoon worship. Almost everyone sang along, danced, or raised their hands in praise. There were people of all ages. Eldery couples held hands. Young couples tagged their babies along in a stroller. Singles came with friends. All were worshipping God. I’ve never felt so INTO worship like that before! I just felt so in touch with God and the Holy Spirit. It was an incredible feeling just to be there!

Then after each worship, there were plenary talks. Our favorite plenary speakers were Bro. Bo Sanchez (of course), Bro. Arun Gogna, and Bro. Alvin Barcelona.

Bro. Bo, as always, was an inspiration when it came to a loving marriage. Bro. Arun, on the other hand, shared his experience of having to wait for 8 long years before finally being blessed with a child in his marriage. It was a testament of their faith. More so, it was a testament of God’s love to those who remain faithful and patient.

Brother Bo Sanchez
Brother Arun Gogna

I was particularly touched though by Bro. Alvin’s talk. Even my husband admitted that he was close to tears at the end of the talk. Bro. Alvin spoke about being committed to others most especially to the people we love. How we need to understand each other and to stick with them despite the odds. How we need to be there for the people we love not just when they’re doing okay but most especially when they are most unlovable.

Brother Alvin Barcelona

I also loved the worship songs. To be honest, one really made me tear up. I mean, helloooo… Anybody whose been waiting for some particular blessing will tear up on this –

I may not know what the future holds but I trust the one who holds my world. And I see my victory is on my way. In the storm and when I’m insecure, in his love where my life is sure Oh I see. My victory is on my way. I know God will make a way. I know God will make a way. I know He will make a way for me.

And while I wait, I’ll wait with faith. I’ll wait with praise for Your love remains. And while I wait, I’ll wait with faith. I’ll wait with praise for Your love remains – (I Know by Feast Worship)

By the way, the song’s now in my Spotify playlist. Maybe you should have it too?

The Grand Feast

The Conference concluded with a Grand Feast on a Sunday. It started with a Holy Mass, followed by worship, and three more brief plenary talks.

The Grand Feast made me see that so many Filipino Catholics are still committed to gatherings like this. There were so many people and lining up to enter the MOA Arena took a LOT of effort but most were patient and bearing.

All told, the Conference was indeed life-changing. I wish we had our entire family and loved ones with us too. As I’ve said to my friends, the decision to attend the Conference was one of the best decisions my husband and me ever made this year.

Or maybe, it was GOD’s decision for us. Either way, we were blessed by it! We plan on making Kerygma Conference our annual thing. 

If you’re thinking about attending the 2018 Kerygma Conference (Limitless), don’t think twice. Buy that ticket and let God touch your heart.

Credits: All photos (except that of our IDs) were taken from the Official Facebook page of Kerygma Conference

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