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Give Love – World Vision Philippines

I am a proud World Vision Philippines Sponsor. Let me share why.

When I started watching videos of Brother Bo Sanchez, I learned about tithing. It is a practice of giving back at least 10% of whatever you earn back to God from whom all blessings come from. It can be made by giving to church, donating to charities or foundations, or even by buying all the sampaguitas from that little girl by the mall.

Truth is, I didn’t believe in tithing when I was younger. I believed that there is no sense to obliging myself to give a certain percentage of my earnings. I though God wanted me to have everything and make use of everything He gives me. I thought sharing my blessings with my family was enough. But as I grew older, I realized that tithing is a show of gratitude to God. It became my way of letting God know how much I appreciate all his blessings and love. I committed to giving back to Him by becoming a blessing for others too.

The first charitable foundation I loved is called the Pag-Asa ARKA Foundation. I wrote about them here.

But I have a number of friends who love World Vision and one of them is my office supervisor, Atty. Jane. In several instances, she shared to me her experiences in being a child sponsor in World Vision and the happiness it gave her through the years. And so, I gave in to what I believed was God’s prodding. I became a child sponsor in August 24, 2016.

How I did it.

All I had to do was access World Vision Philippines’ website┬áthat looked like this –

Then I hovered over to Sponsor a Child and from there learned what I needed to learn.

From there, I was led to a page where I got to choose the area from which the child I’ll help will come from. There are nine (9) identified areas but since I found it hard to choose one, I just clicked “Where most needed” so the site automatically chose for me.

After clicking, the site randomly flashes a photo of a child with basic information and background. At the time I did my sponsorship, the monthly pledge was at P600.00, but some time this year, they increased the pledge to P750.00 month due to increased expenses for the education and other needs of the children-beneficiaries. Since I started my pledge at P600.00/month, World Vision did not force me to increase my donation and so I still opted to stick to the old value.

I was asked some basic information needed to complete the sponsorship.


As soon as I filled out the necessary details, I was led to a secure site where I entered my credit card details since I chose to have the monthly pledges charged to my credit card. Other options include bank deposits and Paypal payments, depending on which is most convenient for the donor.

After completing the first monthly payment, there is still an option to sponsor more than one (1) child, if the sponsor’s budget will allow. Otherwise, one child to sponsor is more than enough love shared.

The nice thing about sponsoring a child in World Vision is that I get to send messages (online) or via snail mail to the kids. I can even send toys or some other gifts during their birthdays or milestones if I want to. Everything will be sent via the official address of World Vision though to ensure that no direct contact is made between the sponsor and the child. This is one of the ways World Vision protects its sponsors from possible abuse from the child’s family. During the Christmas season, World Vision also allows its sponsors to buy a Noche Buena package for the child’s family – which is really nice since Noche Buena is so important for Filipino families. A child sponsor can also arrange to personally visit the child, under their assistance and guidance. I haven’t done that yet though.

Once in a while, an update will be sent about the child. Sometimes, letters or postcards will be sent too. It’s really heartwarming. I mean, to help someone in dire need from a remote area in the Philippines – it’s amazing!

One of the “gifts” I received from my sponsored child

I’ve been with World Vision for more than a year now and the satisfaction I get from knowing that I am doing something which pleases God is enough to keep me going. I’ve always had second thoughts writing about this because I don’t want people to say that I’m self-promoting. But God knows my intentions. I want to touch the hearts of more and more people to start giving. To keep giving. To keep thanking God for the blessings they received by being a blessing to others too.

I hope that whoever you are, if you are reading this, that you will listen to God’s prodding. May you be bothered until you decide to give your love to those who need it most.

May God bless you a hundredfold!


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