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Time for Change!

Hello everyone!

I know. I know. I’ve been sleeping on this blog for several months now. To be honest, I completely forgot that I had an obligation to my (limited) readers. I got too busy with my day job. There’s too much writing-related stuff going on at work. I go home too tired to even think of and write a Facebook status update.

But, the good news is – I AM BACK! After attending Kerygma Conference 2017 with my husband, I got renewed energy and inspiration to write and be an instrument of God to help others. It is time for change! Staring December 2017, I will be following a blogging schedule to keep things more consistent here. Due to the demands of my day job, I can only commit Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays to my readers –

Sundays – On #ServiceSundays, I will be posting about charities, organizations, activities, or websites that I personally have a connection with or believe in. Ultimately, the goal is to help spread the word and spread the help.

Mondays – On #ManicMondays, I will be posting updates about government projects, laws, rules, or issuances that affect the lives of ordinary Filipinos, particularly civil servants.

Wednesdays – On #WowWednesdays, I will be posting reviews and thoughts on restaurants, food, products, ideas, books, events, hotels, places – anything that I happen to chance upon and wish to share.

Wish me luck!

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