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Relevant Bachelor’s Degree; Meaning

Question: How do I know if I have the “relevant bachelor’s degree” required for the position I am applying for?

Part II, Item 3 of CSC Resolution No. 030962 (Revised Policies on Qualification Standards) as circularized in CSC MC No. 12, s. 2003 clarifies this and gives some illustration –

 To meet the relevant bachelor’s degree requirement in the Qualification Standards Manual, the appointee must have completed from a CHED-recognized college or university a bachelor’s degree whose curriculum either includes, or is supplemented by, 12 academic units of the subject or course, which will enable the candidate to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of the position to be filled listed in the Position Description Form.

Illustration 1:

            A graduate of any bachelor’s degree with 12 units in Accounting, Mathematics, or Economics in the curriculum may be appointed to position of Financial analyst, Fiscal Examiner, or Licensing Officer.

Illustration 2:

            A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing who has earned the 12 units in Accounting may be considered for appointment to position of Budget Officer or Cashier.

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