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LLB or MD as Master’s Degree

Question: Is an LLB/MD degree considered as equivalent to Master’s Degree?


Yes. For purposes of appointment to positions which require a Master’s Degree, an LLB or MD degree holder is considered to have met the education requirement as long as the position does not require  the appointee to be a licensed professional.

Completion of the degrees of Bachelor of Laws and Doctor of Medicine from a CHED-recognized institution shall be considered appropriate education for appointment to division chief positions or positions requiring a master’s degree the duties of which do not involve the practice of profession covered by bar/board laws. (Part II, Item 9 of CSC Resolution No. 030962, Revised Policies on Qualification Standards, circularized in MC No. 12, s. 2003. See also Item 3 of CSC MC No. 14, s. 2014)

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